7" DIY Digital Dash Kit

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Megasquirt Digital Dash

7" DIY Digital Dash Kit 

This kit provides you with everything you need for the installation of the DD-EFI Plug-N-Play Digital Dash into any Megasquirt equipped vehicle.  The main focal point is the  7" LCD Screen that you can mount in ANY location you desire.  After the LCD Screen installation, its as simple as plugging in the two display cables, wiring the (3) power wires to the vehicle, and plugging in the ECU Tuning Cable.

Built-in Internal GPS - Installed is an Internal GPS Module, which will be used as a solution to commonly requested need for Speedometer, but also gaining the abilities for Latitude/Longitude, and Economy and Performance Fields.

What's Included

  • 7" Full Color LCD Screen
    • 1024x600 Resolution
    • Screen Dimensions: 4.2” H x 6.6” W
    • Display Dimensions: 3.45” H x 6.1” W
  • DD-EFI Computer
    • Internal GPS & Antenna
    • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Display Cables:
    • 3ft HDMI Cable
    • 3ft Micro USB Cable
  • Power Supply Connectors:
    • (2) Female Connectors
    • (2) Male Connectors
    • (1) Ring Connector
  • Pre-Installed Software
    • TunerStudio
    • MegaLogViewer
    • Any Desk

Plug and Play Features

    • Built-in & Customizable Splash Screen

    • In-Dash Tuning Capabilities - Full Version of Tunerstudio

    • Customizable Dashboards to display any MS Parameters

    • Internal GPS Module for Vehicle Speed, but also:
      • Latitude & Longitude
      • Boost-by-MPH
      • Fuel Economy
      • Odometer & Trip Meter
    • Automatic Datalog Recording:
      • 32GB Internal Storage
      • Automatically stops datalog and saves your projects tune file when the Ignition is Turned Off
    • Sleep Mode after 5 seconds of Ignition remaining Turned Off

  • Google Drive Sync:
    • Start-up - syncs your Project File to your Digital Dash including any changes made to your tune
    • Shutdown - syncs your Project File and Datalogs, so you don't need copy your files to a Thumb Drive or pull a SD Card out of your MS