ECU & Dash Bundles

03-04 Terminator Bundle

03-04 Terminator Bundle

Regular price $2,099.95

87-93 Foxbody Bundle

87-93 Foxbody Bundle

Regular price $1,999.95

84-87 GN Bundle

84-87 GN Bundle

Regular price $1,999.95

90-05 Miata Bundle

90-05 Miata Bundle

Regular price $1,999.95


- (7) Digital Inputs - L/R Turn Signals, High Beams, etc.

- (5) Analog Sensor Inputs - Pressure, Temperature, etc.

- Fuel Level Input

- (2) PWM Outputs

- Push Button Start

Pro Dash Series

Customizable Dashboards

Completely customizable dashboards utilizing TunerStudio MS Dashboard Designer for all ECU parameters via:

-  Gauges

-  Indicators

-  High/Low Warning Limits

-  Background & Images

-  Text & Colors

Boot-up Screen

Upon the turning of the key's ignition the dash will automatically start loading . . . 

A user configurable splash screen video plays any .MP4 video during the dash's boot-up process giving your vehicle that new/modern custom touch.

In-Dash Tuning Capabilites

With the Full Version of TunerStudio running inside your digital dash, you now have direct access to all of your tune settings.  No need for the laptop in the passenger seat just to make tuning changes.

Automatic Datalog Recording

Auto start & stop of datalogs without the need of user input.   As simple as just drive the vehicle while its records automatically!

On-board datalogging and storage capabilities with the internal 32GB memory card.  Export your datalogs from your vehicle project file to an external USB drive for further review & analysis.

Internal GPS Module

One of the main gauges needed on your dash is Speed, which isn't a standard sensor wired to your ECU. The DD-EFI Digital Dash comes standard with an internal GPS module built-in, which also opens the door to many additional features:


- Speedometer

- Odometer & Trip Meter

- Latitude & Longitude

- Fuel Economy


DD-EFI Digital Dash supported ECU's

The Megasquirt Community:


- EFI Source Gold Box

- MS3Pro Ultimate

- MS3Pro EVO


- MS3



- MS2



- Microsquirt

- MS1

What else is recommended and/or needed with the Digital Dash?


- TunerStudio MS/Ultra Registered License


- Wireless Keyboard and Mouse/Trackpad

- Serial (RS-232) to USB cable = This is for MS2, Microsquirt, and MS1 platforms

- LED Lights for Warning Indicators (Turn Signals, High Beams, and/or Battery Light)

DD-EFI Splash Screen Video Specs

During the Loading Process of the Digital Dash a Splash Screen Video will play the same as newer vehicles.  The Splash Screen Video can be  configurable by the user to play any .MP4 video format, but does have a minimum requirement of 25 seconds or longer.

DD-EFI Shutdown Delay

The Shutdown Delay feature works the same as the above feature to automatically shutdown the computer after the delay has lapsed.  The delay is pre-configured for 60 minutes providing efficient enough time for those quick trips/activities, so there is no need for rebooting of the computer.

Can I use my current TunerStudio MS Registration License?

- Yes, your TunerStudio MS & Ultra registration license for up to licensed for up to 3 computers/devices

Do I have the same TunerStudio MS features as my tuning laptop?

Yes, the DD-EFI Digital Dash runs the Full Version of TunerStudio, so you have all the same features