10.3" Standard Dash - Universal Mount

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Megasquirt Digital Dash

10.3" Digital Dash PNP

Universal Mount

Build Time up to 6 weeks

The DD-EFI 10.3" Widescreen Digital Dash is the 1st fully Plug-N-Play Digital Dash that can be installed using any Megasquirt equipped vehicle.  The main focal point is the 10.3" Ultra Widescreen giving you a huge real estate for displaying your custom dashboard/gauges.  This is an all-in-one enclosure for direct installation into your vehicle.  All is needed is the MS ECU Tuning Cable, Power Connector, and GPS Antenna.

Built-in Internal GPS - Installed is an Internal GPS Module, which will be used as a solution to commonly requested need for Speedometer, but also gaining the abilities for Latitude/Longitude, and Economy and Performance Fields.

Universal Mount - This is designed to be able to mounted anywhere utilizing its 4 threaded inserts.  So if you mounting it to a roll bar or steering column for drag racing, HDPE/Road Racing, AutoX, etc.

Digital Dash Dimensions

  • 10.3" Display Area: Height 3.6" x Width 9.6"
  • Universal Mount Outline: Height 4.82" x Width 10.75"x Depth .79"
  • DD-EFI Computer: Height 5.125" x Width 7.73" x Depth 1.22"
  • Overall Depth: 2"

What's Included

  • DD-EFI Digital Dash
    • 10.3" Full Color LCD Screen
    • Internal GPS & Antenna
    • 32GB Internal Storage
    • Universal Mount
      • Includes 4 Mounting Location with metal threaded bosses
    • Power Supply Connector:
      • Red - 12V Battery
      • Black - Ground
      • Yellow - 12V Ignition (Switched)
      • Blue - Door/Dome Light Trigger (Optional 12V+)
    • Pre-Installed Software
      • TunerStudio
      • MegaLogViewer
      • Any Desk

    Plug and Play Features

        • Built-in & Customizable Splash Screen
        • In-Dash Tuning Capabilities - Full Version of Tunerstudio
        • Customizable Dashboards to display any MS Parameters
        • Internal GPS Module for Vehicle Speed, but also:
          • Latitude & Longitude
          • Boost-by-MPH
          • Fuel Economy
          • Odometer & Trip Meter
        • Automatic Datalog Recording:
          • 32GB Internal Storage
          • Automatically stops datalog and saves your projects tune file when the Ignition is Turned Off