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12.3" Digital Dash - Universal

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Digital Dash EFI DD-EFI Megasquirt Digital Dash   Accessories

Megasquirt Digital Dash

12.3" Widescreen Digital Dash PNP

Universal Bezel

The DD-EFI 12.3" Widescreen Digital Dash is the 1st fully Plug-N-Play Digital Dash that can be installed using any Megasquirt equipped vehicle.  The main focal point is the 12.3" Ultra Widescreen giving you a huge real estate for displaying your custom dashboard/gauges.  This is an all-in-one enclosure for direct installation into your vehicle.  All is needed is the MS ECU Tuning Cable, Power Connector, and GPS Antenna.

Built-in Internal GPS - Installed is an Internal GPS Module, which will be used as a solution to the much needed Speedometer.  It can also be used for  Latitude/Longitude, and the Economy and Performance Fields.  The GPS reads at every 1/10 of a second to ensure a smooth display and datalogging.

Universal Bezel - This is the Universal Digital Dash, which includes a front bezel that can be cut-to-fit your particular vehicle/application.  It is 14.5" Height by 15" Wide giving you ample amount of room to be mounted in your factory instrument cluster or mounted directly to your dash.  Custom bezel's can be made by inquiring to 

What's Included:

  • 12.3" Full Color Screen
    • Ultra Widescreen
  • Internally:
    • DD-EFI Computer
    • GPS & Antenna
    • Power Supply
  • Power Plug/Connector
  • Universal Bezel
    • 14.5" Height by 15" Width
  • Software
    • TunerStudio
    • MegaLogViewer
    • TeamViewer

QuickStart Guide

Installation Manual